• Registration for the 2014 Lions Lake Minnetonka Crappie Contest is now live
  • Updates to the Home, News, Registration, and Events pages have been made
  • WordPress & plug-ins updated to latest version
  • Removal of numerous unused plug-ins
  • Work continues on replacing the 3rd party photo plug-in with a WordPress native version
  • Everbrite ticketing integration with OL website
  • Further enhancements to the Social Media aspects of the OL website
  • Addition of Facebook account for the Orono Lions – click here to visit!
  • Added ability to automatically publicize posts to multiple social media sites


Additional items added:

  • Social Media sharing
  • Subscriptions
  • “Like” Button
  • Google+ integration
  • Mobile browser optimization
  • Mobile Push notifications
  • Infinite scrolling
  • Images off-loaded to WP content delivery network for faster load times
  • RSS Feeds
  • and lots of other small improvements…

Stay Tuned!


A slew of updates posted to the Orono Lions site today, including:  PHOTOS OF EVENTS!

943 pictures have been loaded to their respective locations under the PHOTOS menu.

Additionally, commenting has been re-enabled!

UPDATE: We know about the speed issues with the website and are in the process of switching to a new hosting company. Updates will continue to be posted to the NEWS section of the website.  Stay Tuned!