The Orono Lions Club is a place where you can help the community and have fun while doing it. Socialize with unique individuals and meet interesting people is definitely a plus when you become a member of the Orono Lions Club.

What do I need?

Absolute nothing besides a great smile when we see you! We accept any and all that would like to help us in this great cause.

I am busy, can I still join?

Of course you can! Currently most members of the Orono Lions have their own kids, spouse, friends, and family in addition to being a member of the Lions Club. We understand that you all have busy lives so we really only ask for what you are willing to put in regard to time. No obligation necessary.

When and how do I start?

Go to one of our monthly meetings. If you missed our last one you can contact one of the Club Officers for more information on how you can become involved.

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