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If you would like to help out your community

Orono Lions Club is looking for a few good people

To join: ask any member, call 763-498-2120 or

Go to our web site for more information


Volunteer work can be very rewarding

Orono Lions Pledge

We pride ourselves in serving the local community for well over 40 years. The variety of members, young or young at heart, has given back to the community with hours upon hours of their valuable time. We give thanks to our dedicated members and to our generous sponsors for the opportunity to serve the local community.

Donations Appreciated

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. If you wish to pledge a donation to the Orono Lions please contact any member or call 763-498-2120. All pledges are given back to your community!

Membership Drive

The Orono Lions are looking for a few good members. The Orono Lions Club is a place where you can help the community and have fun while doing it. Socialize with unique individuals and meet interesting people when you become a member of the Orono Lions Club. If you wish to join or would like more information about us, please call 763-498-2120.

Please take a look around. We have a bulletin board of upcoming events and we have a photo gallery for your entertainment. If helping the community and having fun is what you enjoy then join our club!

Community Support Projects

  • Red Lion Reader Project

  • Poinsettias Delivery

  • Long Lake Veterans Memorial

  • Long Lake Lakeshore Cleanup

  • Restoration Projects

  • High School Scholarships

  • Corn Days Parade

  • Local Boys Scout, Girl Scouts

  • Community Education Projects

  • Working the Blood Drive

  • Salvation Army Ringing the Bell

  • Adopt a Highway Cleanup

  • Union¬†Cemetery¬†Cleanup

  • Nelson Park Restoration

Orono Lions Club Events & Fundraisers

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